Rena DeLevie Management for Millennials

Why we love Rena DeLevie?

I can’t say enough good things about Rena. She’s passionate about helping people and that comes out loud and clear with her 10 Tools for Compassionate Management. It’s a real treat when you can bring someones online vision into reality and to learn so much along the way is icing on the cake. If you find yourself in need of some assistance in the realms of leadership training, management training and specifically leading a team of millennials Rena should be your first call.



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What she had to say about Capra!

“Working with Cass and team is easy, fun, educational and calming. They listen between my words to get to the core of what I want to accomplish, and then skillfully guide me in the right direction. And we laugh often. My stress levels had fallen because of their kindness and expertise. I know Cass and team will help me become a true thought leader in creative management.”

Things we did for Rena:

Website Design
LoGo Design
Opt-In Forms
Social Strategy Support