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Lights Camera Expert

Why we love Lights Camera Expert? When your clients have so much expertise to share you have a unique challenge of representing them as the experts they are while leveraging the … Dive Deeper

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Maria Gamb

Why we love Maria Gamb? Maria is a charismatic and exceptional speaker & thought leader. Bringing her message to a larger audience with branding & clarity that reflects … Dive Deeper

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Sleep Barristers

Why we love Barrister's Bed and Breakfast? Capra Strategy loves Sleep Barristers because of the dedication that Ken, the owner places on his business. He was clear on what his … Dive Deeper

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Buddy Sharp

Why we love Buddy Sharp? Buddy & Karen of Buddy Sharp Salon are honestly a joy to work with.  They came to the table with an open mind and a clear understanding of how … Dive Deeper

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Lake Valley Legends

Why we love Lake Valley Legends? Lake Valley Legends is an incredible Bed & Breakfast dedicated to creating memorable experiences for their guests. It was a pleasure to … Dive Deeper

Musings from the minds at Capra Strategy

List Producer

Why we love List Producer? Paula is a visionary with a passion for making people more productive, efficient and on a path to leading their very best life. That passion is a … [Read on...]

Los Gatos Bed & Breakfast

Why we love Los Gatos Bed & Breakfast? It's hard to even talk about Los Gatos Bed & Breakfast without thinking about the incredible breakfast that they made for our … [Read on...]

Allyson Kane Homes

Why we love Allyson Kane Homes? Allyson is passionate about finding homes for people and along that journey you need a friend, someone invested in your happiness along the … [Read on...]

Black & Blue Steak and Crab

Why we love Black & Blue Steak and Crab? With a passion for food, design & complete experiences we find everything Black & Blue does completely delicious and are glad … [Read on...]