Capra Strategy is different and I know that you’ve heard this before….this time it’s true (really)*.


We have a simple goal: to make you and your business more successful. We bring our extensive marketing experience and strategic insight to bear on your specific strategic concerns.

We think big, but can apply small solutions.

High level strategy starts with the small details, and it’s our job to get them right. We’ve worked in lots of industries and functional areas, so we’re going to have the knowledge to give you a fresh new take on the issues you’re facing in your business.

You’re passionate about your business, and so are we. So we’re selective about our clients. We only choose those where our passion can truly match yours so that we can deliver results in line with your expectations.

*We are not an agency. We’re not out to sell you every single service we can perform. Our goal is to deliver exactly the solution you need to accomplish your objectives. And if you’re not clear on your objectives, we can help you figure those out too.


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