Sleep Barristers

Why we love Barrister’s Bed and Breakfast?

Capra Strategy loves Sleep Barristers because of the dedication that Ken, the owner places on his business. He was clear on what his goal for the website was and he did a great job expressing that to us. By being a hands on owner he learned the program and is now free to make what changes he wants on his own site, with guidance from us when needed.

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What they had to say about Capra!

“Cass & Sandy are accommodating, always listens to our input and willing to incorporate suggestions into the design. Good teachers – I was able to learn how to maintain the website and that was extremely helpful. They were very helpful in helping to create ‘postings’ to the new site. I am currently working on posts for news and recipes and that is very useful. I would like that to branch out to producing recipe videos that I can post to the website but that will come later. I think that Capra’s experience will be helpful.”

What we did with Sleep Barristers:

Website Design
Google Ad Program
Social Media Channels
Website Content Optimization