The scariest part about anything is the unknown. The Assessment is like shining the flashlight into your online presence. Here’s what you’ll come away from your $350* investment with…

A list of all of the ways/places you are talked about online.
You’ll learn what you’re doing right (there’s stuff  – and it’s nice to know so you don’t spend time trying to fix it)
And you’ll learn where you have an opportunity – sometimes this means you need to get on Twitter, sometimes this means you need to not tweet another chirp.
We’ll dig deep into mobile because that’s where online search is going more and more.
You’ll get feedback on how you’re doing and areas for improvement on Google.
Finally, you’ll get a punch- list of things on your site that are hurting you (broken links, images that aren’t tagged, mis-spellings and the like)

There’s something you should know though…

If we don’t think we can meet your expectations or if we think someone else could do it better we’ll send you elsewhere and if we think you can do it yourself we’ll show you how.

Why? Because it’s the right thing to do and we’re people that happen to value that above anything else (really).

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*We are not fans of fine print but the lawyer is all “You’ve worked for very big companies this would be a mistake to not at least put a little asterisk in there stating that this is on average and that it may be more or less depending upon what’s out there.” so there – you now have heard how delightfully cautious the lawyer is. Everyone’s got a role.