My memoir Twin Turbulence has been “almost done” for two years.   Why didn’t I just finish it?  Because the task seemed so overwhelmingly impossible that I didn’t know where to start.

Enter Cass Comerford:  The Queen of “I can do that.”

She had built a website for a friend of mine.  It was beautiful, clean, simple, user-friendly – exactly what I was looking for.

  • Hi Cass, I need a website: “I can do that.”
  • I don’t know how to get my writing out there: “I can do that.”
  • I don’t know how to “FINISH” my book: “I can do that.”
  • I’m not artistic enough to make a cover: “I can do that.”
  • I’m overwhelmed with the entire publishing process: “I can do that.”

Cass listened carefully to my definition of impossible.  Then she broke my impossible down into possible pieces and parts.  She generated a daily calendar of small tasks for me to accomplish.  From daily blog prompts, to edit reviews, to font and picture selections – Cass made the process easy.  Never once did she complicate things by selling me more services than I had asked for – even though I knew she was providing more than I had paid for.

  • Cass, you’re amazing.  Are you sure I’m paying you for your time?:

“We’re good.  I’m having fun.”

Three fun months later, my book was finished.  Published.  Beautiful!  I am officially an author.  My dream came true.  And it’s all because of Cass Comerford and her contagious attitude of “I can do that.”

Kristin Myers
Author, Twin Turbulence and Writer at


“Working with Cass has been an invaluable experience. She’s offered genuine insight on moving forward with a variety of projects I’ve been pursuing. Her ability to see the possibilities in my everyday situation has been extremely motivating. I’m looking forward to continuing our work and seeing these directions become successful ventures.”

Jared Valentine
Open Face

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