StartingTheDayOverHi there. I’m Cass and I am the owner of Capra Strategy – if you decide to click the Let’s Connect button below you’ll be connecting directly with me because: that’s  how we work.

I bet you have a website & you’ve been thinking a few things…

  • You haven’t updated it in the last few years and your content reads stale. You need to be current to attract new clients.
  • That old website falls flat on mobile phones & tablets and you know that’s a big problem. That’s how people find you.
  • You’ve heard that it’s important to be on social media but you have no idea what to say to accomplish your business goals. You need to be part of the conversation.

You are in the right place.

Let’s Connect

Four reasons you should reach out to start the discussion:

  1. You can’t afford to put this off for another season, quarter, year. When your website doesn’t best represent your business, you miss opportunities with every visit. We create opportunities so you can harness the potential. From adding a subscription box to your current site, to a whole new look that engages your clients and your business objectives: from the minimal to the works, we reflect you. 
  2. We create custom solutions.  We get to know you, your business, your needs and your clients. We believe in honesty, and we honestly tell you that you need to be successful online. Pro-tip: Success doesn’t include the kitchen sink. If that’s why your current vendor sells, you know exactly what we mean.
  3. We make it easy.  Here’s the thing: it is easy to change. You may feel comfortable with your previous vendor, but you must still ask: Am I optimized? … Is my long-time vendor doing what my business needs? If the answer is No, we make it easy to switch. In fact, we make it worth the switch. If the answer is Yes, then we’re glad to have great peers in this space. That makes us proud.
  4. It’s personal with us. In the same way that you’re running a business, I am too. We treat our clients exactly how we want to be treated. The quick sale? It simply doesn’t exist to Capra. Nameless project managers, we are not. We make a lasting, positive impact on your business. At Capra, you will know us, and we will know you, and we happen to know that personal makes the difference.

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