Kris Reece Ministries

What Kris had to say: 

When I initially reached out to Cass, it was for help in the design of some simple marketing pieces.  In a short time, Capra Strategy proved to be an invaluable resource for many areas of my business and ministry.  From website design, to online course creation to social media strategy, Cass and her team have pulled together many overwhelming components and delivered a product and service that continues to surprise me. She knows what I need before I even ask.
Cass is a consummate professional, from concept to completion!
I couldn’t imagine running my business and ministry without her and her team.

Julia Andrews

Why we loved working with Julia: 

Julia is everything we love about ambitious women getting things done in the world and in their businesses. She’s whip-smart, kind and brings an attitude of service to her clients truly on the journey with them. Sales can get a bad reputation…but we all need sales to stay in business and Julia is an exceptional sales coach and mentor and creating the online home for her work was a tremendous pleasure.

What Julia had to say: 

Working with Cass has been an amazing experience.  Not only was she able to guide me with the infinite programs needed to accomplish my specific online goals but she’s incredibly good at taking a vision and executing on it.  My website came to life just as I’d envision it esthetically while ensuring a great user experience.  I’m looking forward to my next phase in my business knowing that Capra will be a partner in my growth. Cass came highly recommended and I have to say, I’m highly recommending her to you!

Maria Gamb

Why we love Maria Gamb?

Maria is a charismatic and exceptional speaker & thought leader. Bringing her message to a larger audience with branding & clarity that reflects her vision has been a pleasure!

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 12.31.13 PM


What Maria had to say about Capra!
It’s seamless. Easy. Creative and fun. I really love working with Cass and the team. I’ve actually never had such an easy and seamless experience. The result has been a beautiful online product that is not only esthetically pleasing to the eye, it’s user friendly and the content is well rounded. Cass really helped me to lay out a 10-part series in a way that truly makes sense and insures engagement.  I would happily refer Capra to anyone seeking a grounded, creative and collaborative approach to ones branding and products.

Things we did with Maria Gamb:
Landing Page
Postcard Design
Webinar Support


Allyson Kane Homes

Why we love Allyson Kane Homes?

Allyson is passionate about finding homes for people and along that journey you need a friend, someone invested in your happiness along the way. Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 1.05.29 PM

Things we’ve done with Allyson:
Website Design
Re-branding makeover
Lead Generation Campaign Creation
Email Campaign Strategy, Design & Execution


What’s Your Happy Dance? Frostie the Goat is a Wayfinder

“more happiness and joy, love and friendships, 

kindness and compassion than many animals receive in a lifetime” 

When was the last time you found yourself, “caught in an endless, boundlessly happy frolic”? If you’re still trying to remember … it’s been too long! About a month or so ago, our Capra Team happened upon this Huff Post article from June.

A Tribute to the Late Frostie the Goat,

An Animal Who Actually Taught Us To Be Better People

At Capra (Italian for Goat), we tend to believe we’re privy to all things … goat. But it appears, Frostie the Goat alluded us. (However, we can’t say the same about a Frosty with fries… .) When a GIF of this effervescent kid appeared across our screens with the unfettered gait & gallop of the happiest creature around in spite of his handicap, we swooned.

More, we felt inspired. To reiterate the words from Edgar’s Mission, “the nonprofit farm animal sanctuary that rescued Frostie,”:

“… Frostie’s lesson to me has been this,

to seize every minute of [your] life.”

Life is tough. No matter the decisions we make–good or bad–nor the people we surround ourselves with–good or bad–life will always be tough. Of course we stave-off much difficulty when we opt for the good choices. But, even this leaves no guarantees. So start today. Start now. Find the frolic. Find the very special frolic in your life–in your day–that no one can take away. That no one can steal or touch or tarnish. And if you cannot, create. Create that frolic. If Frostie can do it, so can we all.

Thank you for being a Wayfinder, Frostie.

And thank you for helping to show us the way!

Your Wayfinders,

Capra Strategy