Buddy Sharp

Why we love Buddy Sharp?

Buddy & Karen of Buddy Sharp Salon are honestly a joy to work with.  They came to the table with an open mind and a clear understanding of how they wanted their clients to see them and then let us go from there creating a new brand identity, logo and site that reflected the creativity and innovation and prestige they have created in their business.

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What Karen & Buddy Sharp had to say about Capra!

“Cass and her team at Capra Strategy are truly the greatest to work with!  They assisted us in re-designing our salon website with such professionalism!  They were very accommodating and we appreciated their fantastic timeliness in getting everything completed effortlessly!

We are looking forward to continuing to work with Cass and Capra Strategy in incorporating additional services!”

What we did with Buddy:
Website Design
Logo Design
Search Engine Optimization
Brand Identity on Social Channels

Lake Valley Legends

Why we love Lake Valley Legends?

Lake Valley Legends is an incredible Bed & Breakfast dedicated to creating memorable experiences for their guests. It was a pleasure to bring their vision to life online!

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What they had to say about Capra!

“We are extremely pleased with the work the Capra team did for us. I feel our new website is more professional, easier to understand & more attractive. Sandra & Cass were great to work with. Any problem, question or change…they were right there to help. I would use them, and only them, every time.”

Things we’ve done with Lake Valley Legends:

Website Design
Google Ad Program
Social Media Branding Content Development
Website Content Optimization

List Producer

Why we love List Producer?

Paula is a visionary with a passion for making people more productive, efficient and on a path to leading their very best life. That passion is a string through everything she does online.

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Things we’ve done with Paula at List Producer:
Website Design
Technical Integration with 3rd party tools to support selling, affiliates, payments, & online courses.
Logo Design
Landing Page & Lead Generating Strategy
Product Branding
Email Campaign Strategy, Design & Execution

Los Gatos Bed & Breakfast

Why we love Los Gatos Bed & Breakfast?

It’s hard to even talk about Los Gatos Bed & Breakfast without thinking about the incredible breakfast that they made for our entire team during our team retreat. They bring such attention to detail to everything they do from breakfast, to comfortable beds, to thoughtful customization for their guests visit.  Translating that to their online brand was a pleasure and the photography is a welcome retreat! Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 1.16.21 PM


Things we’ve done with Susan & Burney at Los Gatos Bed & Breakfast:
Website Design

Allyson Kane Homes

Why we love Allyson Kane Homes?

Allyson is passionate about finding homes for people and along that journey you need a friend, someone invested in your happiness along the way. Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 1.05.29 PM

Things we’ve done with Allyson:
Website Design
Re-branding makeover
Lead Generation Campaign Creation
Email Campaign Strategy, Design & Execution