The Big Talk NYC

Why we love Tricia of The Big Talk NYC:

First, I have to say that I adore Tricia. Her approach, her work, her passion, to speak with her is like taking a minute with a guru who is there to truly show up. When we were introduced to dig into how she could take her ability to help people develop their Big Talk to a larger online stage I jumped at the opportunity. Over the last few months of developing the revenue stream model, creating the infrastructure to support a launch and creating the content that will serve so many we’ve had a really great time and have learned SO much. Tricia is a teacher, a generous mirror of reflection and a joy. I’m so grateful we get to play a small part in taking her gift to even more people.


What Tricia had to say about Cass!

Marketing, branding and creating an online course for The Big Talk was to me, the equivalent of ice fishing in Minnesota, totally foreign and not at all fun. That’s until I began working with Cass at Capra Strategy. Cass walked me through the most hands on exploration session which generated mutual creativity and excitement. We then identified what made my course and brand not only uniquely me, but also how to ensure it was totally marketable. She is passionate about the creation process, and also knows the down and dirty SEO and technical ins and outs that I have no time, okay it’s patience to confront. If you want to create an online course that is fully realized from start to finish, while being cheered on from the get go, hire Cass and Capra Strategies. It’s way more fun than ice fishing in Minnesota.

What we did:

Website Design
Opt-In Page
Design of an eBook
Online Course Direction, Design & Development

Terri Trespicio

Why we love Terri:

When Terri reached out to say that she was ready to take on a website refresh we were THRILLED. Terri is a messaging genius and putting a highlight on how she works with her clients and giving her an online platform to launch new programs that will serve thousands of students and open up new revenue streams for her was incredibly rewarding!

What Terri had to say about Capra!

The mark of true professional isn’t that they do what you need them to do, but they’re five steps ahead of you. Cass and her team have been simply indispensable. I consider her a vital part of my own business efforts but also a big part of my growth. Look, anyone can have an idea. But executing it—that’s where things happen. Capra helps me make my own business ideas and goals come to life.

What we did with Terri Trespicio:

Website Design
Sales Page Design and Membership Site for Online Courses

Lights Camera Expert

Why we love Lights Camera Expert?

When your clients have so much expertise to share you have a unique challenge of representing them as the experts they are while leveraging the technology that best translates their brilliance.  Paula & Terri have so much to offer in this program and we’re thrilled to get to bring it to the people that will benefit most.

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 1.02.52 PM


What Paula had to say about Capra!

Cass and her team make things happen. They have a clear vision and always execute. It’s been really helpful to get guidance from Cass not only on the design of our website but also the strategy for launches and user experience. We can’t wait to build out our membership site for our premium online course Lights Camera Expert!

What we did with Lights Camera Expert:

Website Design
Facebook Content
Design Content

Maria Gamb

Why we love Maria Gamb?

Maria is a charismatic and exceptional speaker & thought leader. Bringing her message to a larger audience with branding & clarity that reflects her vision has been a pleasure!

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 12.31.13 PM


What Maria had to say about Capra!
It’s seamless. Easy. Creative and fun. I really love working with Cass and the team. I’ve actually never had such an easy and seamless experience. The result has been a beautiful online product that is not only esthetically pleasing to the eye, it’s user friendly and the content is well rounded. Cass really helped me to lay out a 10-part series in a way that truly makes sense and insures engagement.  I would happily refer Capra to anyone seeking a grounded, creative and collaborative approach to ones branding and products.

Things we did with Maria Gamb:
Landing Page
Postcard Design
Webinar Support


Sleep Barristers

Why we love Barrister’s Bed and Breakfast?

Capra Strategy loves Sleep Barristers because of the dedication that Ken, the owner places on his business. He was clear on what his goal for the website was and he did a great job expressing that to us. By being a hands on owner he learned the program and is now free to make what changes he wants on his own site, with guidance from us when needed.

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 12.56.14 PM

What they had to say about Capra!

“Cass & Sandy are accommodating, always listens to our input and willing to incorporate suggestions into the design. Good teachers – I was able to learn how to maintain the website and that was extremely helpful. They were very helpful in helping to create ‘postings’ to the new site. I am currently working on posts for news and recipes and that is very useful. I would like that to branch out to producing recipe videos that I can post to the website but that will come later. I think that Capra’s experience will be helpful.”

What we did with Sleep Barristers:

Website Design
Google Ad Program
Social Media Channels
Website Content Optimization