10 signs you need The Guide for Property Managers

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  1. When you google your property name you are finding it on page 2 of results.
  2. People say Facebook and Twitter and your head starts to hurt.
  3. You are not sure if you should have property pictures online.
  4. You don’t think you have anything to say.
  5. You have open apartments right now or will in the next 3 months.
  6. You’ve been collecting email addresses…you’re just not sure why.
  7. No one says “I found you online” (people love to say that).
  8. Your website hasn’t been updated since that whole Y2K scare.
  9. Your property isn’t on the map (a big problem when people are trying to find you).
  10. You want to understand more about how your business can grow.


Here’s what you will get within The Guide

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  • A guide generated specifically for property managers with a variety of rental markets – student rich, traditional, etc.
  • We help you identify the kind of online presence most effective for your property.
  • Specifically which social networks and advertising locations will work for you.
  • How to tell if what you’re doing is going well or if it’s time to stop spending as much time on that online tactic.
  • Measurement tools so you’ll know what to track and how frequently.
  • Sample calendars for your content and communication.


>> Ready to make the decision to purchase The Guide?  Head on over to Amazon to pick up the Kindle version of the book. 

If after you read the book you think “I need more help” check out The Assessment – it’s your next best step.

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